Who We Are

CrossFit HTF is a community of people who are driven to becoming physically and mentally stronger, healthier, and happier than they were yesterday.


HTF's Mission
Our mission here at CrossFit HTF is to provide a great facility and a quality program that makes you feel welcomed, motivated, challenged, and to keep things fun.  To provide you with personable, knowledgeable, and caring staff that you can call your coach and friend.  At CrossFit HT, we're also about giving back tot he community by using our talents and resources.  A least once a quarter, HTF volunteers or fundraises for a charitable organization or relief efforts.  

Free Trial
If you're a Oahu resident and have taken a basics program or fundamental program at another box, you're more than welcome to come in for a FREE WEEK TRIAL.

If you have not but are curious about CrossFit HTF, please come down to our Free class every Saturday at 8am.

Fundamental Program
Our Fundamental Program revolves around teaching the 9 basic foundation movements of CrossFit, plus a few other common CrossFit exercises.  In this program, you'll learn how to squat, press, deadlift, and much more.

When is it?
Our Fundamental Program begins on the 1st and 3rd Tues of each month.  Each session is approximately 1 hour long, happens every Tuesday and Thursday at 730pm, and last for 2 weeks.


Where To Find Us

CrossFit HTF 2320 S. King St. Honolulu, HI 96816