1. Who can do CrossFit?

Anyone can do CrossFit.

The CrossFit approach challenges you at your current level of fitness and aims to push you to a greater level of conditioning. All CrossFit workouts and movements can be scaled, both up and down, from couch potatoes to Ironman athletes. 

2. Will it be hard?

Every workout is designed to be intense and challenging, but can be scaled to any skill level. Short, intense, varied workouts to get our desired results.

3. What is an HTF CrossFit class like?

 Each class will contain:

·       Warm-up

·       Strength and Skill work

·       Workout of the Day

·       Cool down

 4. What makes CrossFit different than a regular gym program?

 While there are many ways a CrossFit box differs from a regular gym, here are what we believe to be the most important:

Each session will be led by a qualified, highly-trained instructor not just there for motivation, but for help to guide and coach you through each and every exercise.

Each WOD (Workout of the Day) is created for specific reasons. While sometimes the WODs feel random, they are carefully put together to workout specific muscles (or groups) in a varied function, to improve overall fitness and ability.

Community. Here at HTF, we pride ourselves on our members and the spirit and attitudes they bring with them when they walk through our doors. As coaches, it is our aim to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Our members are our family, and we will be there for you in any way possible.

 5. What is your drop-in policy?

Visiting the beautiful island of Oahu for vacation? Come by and check us out! Our drop-in prices are $20/day or $50/week (unlimited). Send us an email at least 24 hours in advance and we will look forward to seeing you there!

Unfortunately, no drop-ins allowed during Open Gym times (classes only)

6. How much does a membership cost?


Monthly (unlimited) $150

Monthly (2x a week) $100


Military 15% off

Teachers / HPD / HFD 10% off

Students $125


8 one-hour sessions $150 

7. When do your Fundamentals Classes start?

Fundamentals Classes start on the first Tuesday of every month. Fundamentals consists of 8 one-hour sessions that take place from 7:30-8:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For more information about the Fundamentals program, click here [link to Fundies part of Programs page].

8. I’ve done CrossFit before, do I still have to do the Fundamentals Class?

Absolutely not! If you are moving to Honolulu and have done CrossFit before, we have a FREE WEEK TRIAL available for you so you can make sure HTF is the best place for you (we promise you won’t regret it)! Please send us an email at least 24 hours in advance to when you show up so we can get you set up, hassle-free.

9. Do you take credit cards, cash and checks?

Yes, we accept cash, checks, debit, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.