Here at CrossFit HTF, we consider ourselves more than just a bunch of people that love to lift weights and train. We feel it's our responsibility to our community to utilize our God-given talents and abilities to help those less fortunate. At Crossfit HTF, we're More Than Just A Box, we're family.

Some of the awesome projects we've been a part of in 2017


Queen Kaahumanu Elementary School, a short drive away from our box, was our Owner and Head Coach Ian Ajimine's elementary school. The students and teachers were the beneficiaries of the extreme generosity of our members' donations!

"This is our 3rd year doing a school supply drive at CrossFit HTF. Every year, we bring in more and more supplies. The Principal and VP were so appreciative of our donation. I am truly blessed to have members who share my passion and believe in my vision for giving back to the community. Thank you to everyone who donated, you have no idea how much this means to these kids and teachers." - Coach Ian

CAMP AGAPE | March 2017

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Raising money for kids with incarcerated parents

HTF hosted a casino night and raised $1400 to benefit Camp Agape Hawaii - a non-profit organization helps children with incarcerated parents find God, helps families in their community, and so much more. They were so thankful for what the HTF Family did. Thank you Pastor Roy for all that you do for these children and families. God bless you and Camp Agape.


CrossFit HTF has partnered with Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) Hawaii and Easter Seals Hawaii Autism Services Center/Pacific Autism Center to offer its "HTF Autism Spectrum Class", a program designed specifically to engage athletes on the autism spectrum that are six to eighteen years of age.

“We’re fortunate to have an amazing partner like Coach Ian Ajimine and the CrossFit HTF family offering this program to engage athletes on the autism spectrum like our daughter, Kili,” said Kiele Pennington, TACA Hawaii Chapter Coordinator and parent of a child on the spectrum. “Finding programs to meet the needs of individuals with autism is a challenge for parents. Coach Ian and the family of volunteers from Crossfit HTF and Easter Seals Hawaii have created a program that has supported children across the spectrum and overwhelmed families with autism, like ours, with their generosity. We’ve had tremendous feedback from across the nation.”

While physical activity is generally considered important for both physical and mental health, studies have shown that movement-based therapies for children on the autism spectrum is particularly important and helps boost motor skills, improve social communication, attention, behavioral issue and performance on academic tasks.

Utilizing common bodyweight exercises like squats, jumps, and sit-ups, athletes will be engaged mentally and physically. From one-on-one coaching to small groups, athletes will complete a work-out each session to help improve mental focus and physical fitness.

The program generally runs two sessions during the year, once during the fall, and once during the spring. Each session is three months long, consisting of weekly classes at CrossFit HTF (located at 2320 South King Street).

This program is offered through CrossFit HTF with the support of Easter Seals Hawaii Autism Services Center/Pacific Autism Center. Participants for the program sessions are selected based on each participant’s need, ability, and resources available to accommodate each participant.

Annual School Supply Drive | 2016

Ka’ewai Elementary School, located in the heart of Kalihi, was the beneficiary of CrossFit HTF’s 2016 school supply drive.

Coach Ian and Jackie dropped off the bounty from the school supply drive to the school.

HTF Fundraiser to benefit Hawaiian Humane Society | April 2016

In April 2016, the HTF family organized a HTF Fundraiser to benefit the Hawaiian Humane Society. The fundraiser, which consisted of raffles and a silent auction helped raised $2320 to help this local animal welfare organization.

"I am so pleased to present a check of $2320 to the  Hawaiian Humane Society  on behalf of CrossFit HTF. The Hawaiian Humane Society is such an amazing organization and they do so much for animals in our community. I really wish I could have donated $5000 but I'm happy we reached my goal of $2000. To date, my small gym has raised upwards of $12000 over the past 3 and a half years for multiple charity organizations, schools, and the community. I never thought my vision for HTF would carry out so well when we started 4 years ago but I'm beyond thankful for the HTF family. If not for each and everyone of you, I'd be nothing and I'd have nothing. So thank you, I truly appreciate your love and support." - Coach Ian Ajimine