Your monthly membership includes unlimited access to our CrossFit classes, various strength & conditioning classes, and open gym access.

Check out our special offerings and programs below.

1. Daily Workout of the Day “WOD”

At CrossFit HTF, our WODs are generally 8-15min. Our WODs and movements are universally scalable for any person and ability. Our WODs are designed to be safe, fun, and  challenging for all skill levels.

2. Strength Program

CrossFit HTF's Strength Program loosely follows the Conjugate Method by Westside Barbell. Our days are split between Max Effort Lower Body, Dynamic Effort Upper Body, Dynamic Effort Lower Body, and Max Effort Upper Body. Our program is designed to challenge you, make you stronger, faster, well rounded, and prevent injuries through fixing muscular imbalances.

3. Open Gym

Our Open Gym times throughout the week allow HTF athletes to come in and work at their own pace. We always welcome our athletes to work on their form, technique, and movements during Open Gym. Unfortunately, because of limited space, we cannot allow drop-ins at open gym times.

Free Week Trial

If you’re a seasoned CrossFit athlete and considering making HTF your new home box, we offer a FREE WEEK TRIAL. While we’re the highest rated CrossFit box in the state on Yelp, we want to provide you the opportunity to make that determination for yourself and see if HTF is a good fit for you. Please send us an email at least 24 hours in advance to when you show up so we can get you set up, hassle-free. In order to assure that this option works for you, we will take you through a basic movement assessment.