Just a few of our testimonials. You can find more on our Yelp page here.

Hope Y. says:

So I usually like to post reviews for businesses that I like, but I realized I haven't posted one for CrossFit HTF yet! It's a great box! Ian and Clarence are both great coaches, who really want you to watch form to avoid injuries. 

I actually had a groupon for the Fundamental class, which I did last September. I enjoyed it and have been at this box ever since. The box itself is nice and clean, and the people there are awesome and supportive. There's no judgement, the coaches care about form and preventing injuries, and you can scale any and every movement. Anyone can do it. There's so much support and positive energy in this box....i love it!

This box also does community service! They have a class for autistic kids (free, of course) and fundraising WODs. They have discounts for students, couples, military, and more. To give you an idea of this box: Ian raised money for the Philippines and it was $1=1 burpee. They raised $2100. Poor Ian!  BTW, if you are afraid of dogs, then this is not the box for you--go find some kitten loving box that services princesses.

May L. says:

It's time to update my review because they just renovated their gym! Now that the cages are around the gym it creates a bigger open space for WOD! LOVE IT!! Squash that con I mentioned in the last review.

Crossfit HTF ROCKS!

Nene J. says:

I've been a member of this gym since May 2013 and it sucks that I'm leaving the island and cannot be apart of their cult anymore! Coach Ian and Coach Clarence are both Nazis about proper form, which is great so you don't get injured in the long run! Gotta take care of that body! And if you have any injuries, they will alter or suggest an alternate exercise to fit your needs. This gym is not only for the already fit humans... They accept all shapes, sizes, breeds, colors, animals, aliens (You catch my drift). There's a challenge waiting for everybody.

So, your workout will begin with a proper warm-up followed by a strength portion and then the actual workout. If you feel tired by the time you get to the actual workout, no worriez! They'll coach you through it and everyone feeds off of each other's enthusiasm. Don't know the movements? No worriez! They also offer a fundamentals class for beginners AND if you still forget after that, you'll get a short refresher of each movement before you go through it.

Last but not least, these coaches are real genuine people. This box orchestrates different events that are beneficial to their community. They work with autistic kids and setup fundraising WODs. Want to know more? Stop reading this and drop by the box. They offer one week free trial. Hours are posted on their site. You have nothing to lose. If you don't like it, at least you can say you tried but I doubt it'll go in that direction. Thanks Ian & Clarence!

Shantelle W. says:

After being with this "box" for a year I thought it was time to review this place, here I go. When I first heard about crossfit I did not know what in the world I was doing or knew what I was getting into. Before this, all I did was cardio and core at the gym. These amazing coaches has taught me things I NEVER thought I'd be able to do and got me to put up weights I never thought I could lift. 


Not only are they such an amazing box these coaches really care about our well being and they drive us everyday to do our very best. Hi Town Fitness is more than just a box, it's a family that is mixed with all sorts of personalities but all have one thing in common and that's coming to a place where they won't be judged and everyone is here to help. I have never seen such amazing people who love what they do and bring together people who love crossfit. Even if you have never done this before HTF has an  awesome fundamental class that takes you through the simple moves used everyday in Crossfit. They even got 3 more coaches on board to help everyone's needs and they also do personal training.

If you're looking for a great place to get fit and meet great people and want a family like ours, HI TOWN FITNESS is where you need to be. Join the AWESOMENESS!! 

Thank you Ian and Clarence for a great first year and many more to come!!